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The New & Improved PantherPayments

It’s time for your firm to upgrade from the payment processors you’ve used in the past. The new PantherPayments is fully integrated in your account, offers lower rates, provides best-in-class payment technology, and gets your firm paid 70% faster than average.

Ironclad legal compliance & payment security

Made specifically for the legal industry, PantherPayments is 100% compliant with IOLTA, ABA and state bar guidelines for accepting online payments. Personal and sensitive data is always encrypted and PCI compliance is included free of charge.

Work smarter with everything in one place

PracticePanther has brought payments in-house for a more intuitive and time-saving experience, while giving you all-in-one access to more features and the PracticePanther support team you already trust. Say goodbye to third-party processors and hello to a robust, fully integrated payment solution.

Your clients' payment experience matters

Don’t make your clients set up an account with a payment processor to pay your bill. With PantherPayments, it will only take them 10 seconds and 3 clicks to complete their payment. With an easier client experience, you'll get paid faster.

Unbelievably fast & simple eCheck payments

Have a client that wants to pay with their bank account but doesn't want to deal with wire transfers or outdated ACH processors? PracticePanther’s exclusive Same Day Instant eCheck allows clients to pay directly from their bank account in just a few clicks and you get access to your funds within 24 hours.

Multiple ways to get paid

Whether your clients wants to pay via credit card or directly from their bank account, PantherPayments has you covered with the lowest fees in the legal industry.

It's easy to switch

The new PantherPayments is already in your account ready to be activated for free. Say goodbye to third-party processors and hello to the most modern payment tool in the legal industry.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Card Brand Network Fees



eCheck Fees + Funding Time

Membership Fees

Average 2.85% + $.20

Fees vary by card type


All cards

$2 + 5 Business Days

1% + 24 Hours*

May apply

May apply



Processing Minimum Penalty Fees



Additional Trust Accounts



PCI Compliance



Instant eCheck

Chargeback Assistance

Transparent pricing, no surprises

Get industry-low, set pricing with the new PantherPayments. 

No monthly or hidden fees. No setup cost. No commitment. 

*1% promotional pricing applies for 90 days after your application is approved. After the promotional period you can elect to use our Standard eCheck at 1% pricing or our Premium Same Day eCheck at 1.5% pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up takes only a few minutes. The only information you'll need is details for the firm bank accounts you'd like to connect, including a voided check, and your firm's Tax ID.

How long does it take to sign up and what info do I need?

Simply link your operating and/or trust account(s) using our in-app experience and you’re ready to accept payments. No micro deposits or waiting times required for bank verification. Once a payment is made by your client you’ll be immediately notified. The funds will be posted to your bank account within 1 business day for Same Day eCheck and 2-3 business days for credit card.

How do I get paid?

Yes, with PantherPayments you can allow clients to make payments to your firm’s trust or operating account with 100% compliance with IOLTA guidelines, the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and the rules of all 50 state bar associations. Earned and unearned fees are completely separated at all times (including during the online transmission process).

Can I compliantly accept payments to my firm’s operating and trust accounts with PantherPayments?

We're proud to offer the most modern payment experience on the market. With just a few clicks your clients are able to submit a compliant payment via any credit card or our exclusive Same Day Instant eCheck. A faster, more convenient payment experience means better client satisfaction — and improved collection times for you.

What is the payment process like for my client?

It's easy to switch

The new PantherPayments is already in your account ready to be activated for free. Say goodbye to third-party processors and hello to the most modern payment tool in the legal industry.

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